Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Why blog?

I must apologize in advance.  I have read so many of the blogs by people like us venturing into adoption.  They all seem so utterly sweet.  And that is awesome.  But unlike these amazing people who share my desire to grow their family by adopting from a foreign country, I am offensive.  I can't help it (or won't?).  Regardless of intent (typically I don’t mean to offend, unless I find it hysterical), but it appears to be unavoidable.  Even when I am desperately trying not to be blunt, I end up being deliciously, verbosely offensive.  C’est ma vie.  This is my disclaimer.  I am sorry (mostly).

And with that, here is a heartfelt post about why a cynic would pursue such a idealistic path.

The decision for us to adopt was not made quickly, lightly and without an insane amount of research.  However, I was completely caught off guard a few nights ago.  We were having dinner with a group of people, some of whom were aware of our decision.  I didn't think anything of it when the conversation turned to adoption.  A friend looked up blankly, was quickly filled in, and then uttered, "why?"  A seemingly innocuous question.  I stammered out something unremarkable in response and the conversation continued.  But I keep coming back to that question, "why?"  Something that appears to be so basic to me: the need, the desire, the ability.  In my head, my best Amy Poehler was saying, "Duh! Really? Really? Why wouldn't we?"  But what might be right for you, may not be right for some.

I am sure there are a bazillion Bible verses that many of the adoption bloggers I read will cite when faced with criticism/adversity or just ignorance.  And while I would agree almost 100% with what they would say, this is not that blog.  Those blogs serve a different purpose and a different audience.  Those blogs mean the world to the authors, their friends, family, even me.  There may be a time when I feel scriptures, poetry, musical lyrics, or even sit-com theme songs appropriately convey what is on my heart.  In fact, I have done so today.

This is a blog that tries to answer the "why" for those that we love, while loving that fact that they don't view the world exactly like we do.  A blog that - I hope - will stay true to my "quirky" personality, deep compassion (so deep you didn't know I had any, did you?) and cynical nature.

So, as we move forward with trying to find the right person to do our home study, something akin to a rectal exam of our family, I will be blogging a lot more about the "whys."  Why adopt?  Why international adoption?  Why now?  Why us?  But hopefully this post answers the first "why" - why blog.  Because I love you and want you to share in this experience.  And I don't like answering the same questions a million times. 


  1. Hey there!

    Yes, please feel free to email me: kayanlewis@aol.com. We'd love to meet more people adopting from Rwanda in TX. We're using an agency and know of at least three other families in TX going through our agency and a handful of others in TX doing independent adoptions. If you found us, you'll likely find everyone else.