Sunday, March 21, 2010

(Most of) It's in the mail.

I mailed our I-600A* Friday evening.  I took a picture of the FedEx envelope and documents.  Then had a brief exchange with my new bff: the girl behind the counter (TGBTC).

TGBTC:  Can I ask what you are adopting?
Me:  A child.
TGBTC: Oh, my goodness.  Can I hug you?
Me:  Sure.

End Scene.

*While our home study (a required component of the I-600A) is yet to be completed, it is scheduled for the 28th.  So, at the advice of some new but dear friends, I went ahead and sent it in sans home study.  Fingers crossed that I remembered to include everything else.  ** Redacting is fun.  You should try it.


  1. Wow...Better than our encounter:

    TMBTC: so you're adopting?

    Us: yes, we are.

    TMBTC: I found out I was adopted when I was 10 and was rifling through an old filing cabinet in my parents house.

    Us: uh...ok.

    Glad you got it in the mail. Feels good, doesn't it?


  2. My goodness. Those girls are ridiculously beautiful and SO grown up. I can't believe it!

    And a number 3??? This is out of control. I must meet up with your clan next time we are on the same side of the pond!