Friday, April 23, 2010

Tell me how you really feel

Being faced with questions, statements and assumptions have resulted in enabling us to focus and put our thoughts and feelings towards an international adoption in written word.  A few of our general responses follow to the general questions or concerns international adoption brings.

International adoption?  Why, when there are so many children here who need homes?

We feel that international adoption is right for us for now.
Yes, there are children here who need help.  There are also senior adults and homeless who need help.  Because we agree that we must change our world from in our home to across the world, we give in different ways to help meet different needs, through volunteering our time and money to ministries and organizations.  But when it comes to growing our family at this time, we desire to adopt a child from Rwanda where there are nowhere near the opportunities for orphans and wards of the state as there are here.

If you are trying to change the world, shouldn’t you start in your backyard?

As for making a difference, we are not doing this to change the world.  While I feel for the plight of the Rwandans and am hopeful for the future of that nation, I am adopting a child - not "saving" a child, not trying to "save" the Rwandan people.  We will be blessed by this child just as much, if not more so, than the other way around.  We are not so self righteous to think "what a great thing we are doing.  Look how wonderful we are. We are helping this poor child."  That is not it at all.  We want to add to our family, and for our family it is through adoption.  The purpose of this blog is not about "look at us!"  There are many adoptive families who support each other by sharing through their blogs.  I also thought it would be a good way to let friends and family see the journey we are undertaking.

We don't expect everyone to embrace or understand our decision or accept it, but know that we have counted all the costs, know them to be high, and choose to do what we think is right.

We know there are those who may disagree with our decision, but we hope those individuals can respect it.  For no other reason than simply because they love us and the girls.