Friday, August 13, 2010

ANTC in full swing!

We have this silly contest where a group of friends submits one name each week for our son we are in the process of adopting from Rwanda. Each week Catherine reads the list of names to our daughters, E(9) and C(6). They give their opinions which Catherine transcribes. This week I laughed so hard reading them, I cried. So I thought I'd share.

Andrew - E - Nope. C - Nope. Cuz one of my friends is named Andrew. And that's all. And when you have a party and Andrew comes over and you say "Andrew, come here," they won't know who I'm talking to.

Beau - E - Not really. I just don't really like that name. No offense to anyone named Beau. C - No.

Brody - E. Uh huh. C - Uh huh.

Calvin - E - I guess. It's nice. I like that name. C - Ugh. I do not like Calvin. No.

Cash - E - Not really. C - No. and I was like "Mom, where's my Cash?" and you would say "it's on the table" and I would say "No, my brother" and you would say, "I don't know but there's cash on the table." I'll be right back.

Chase - E - Sure, I like that name. It's a nice name. C - NO. I don't like the name.

Colt - E - Uh, I really don't want him to get made fun of by them calling him "horse-boy" or something. C - Nah. Stop asking me. Ask Evie.

Delan - E - Not really. C - Nah. I don't like it. Let me be done with this commercial and I'll get back to you. (Begins acting out a commercial for her new Rapunzel wig).

Dillon - E - Not really. C - No-wah. Don't like it.

Dwayne - E - not really. Well, actually sure. C - NO. No. No. I don't like "D" names. I can't even pronounce it.

Eliot (the Lord is my God) - E - yeah. I like the meaning. C - I love that name. Cuz that's on the tv show, Leverage. The tough guy, his name is Eliot. So my brother can be tough and brave and curious.

Garren - E - No, not really C - nah, not a big fan.

Harper - E - that's a girl name. C - Harper Law School? No way.

Owen - E - nope. C - nah. Duh, duh, duhhhh (her ominous noise she learned yesterday - once again used inappropriately)

Sid - E - nope. C - what? no. nah, don't like that name much.

Tyresee (Ty-ree-see) - E - Nope. C - I don't really like that name.

Middle Names

Benjamin E - nah. C - Benjamin Franklin? No.

Butler - E - no. C - nah, that's a butler for a king or queen or princess. E - butler is a person who works for rich people C - and we are not rich, so we don't need a butler. we live in a tiny house with tiny pieces of food.

D’Angelo - E - No. C - it sounds like an enchilada. No. Duh, duhh, duhhhhh.

Elijah - C - that sounds like a girl. E - oh, yeah, sure.

Emmanuel - E - yeah. C - that's a horrible name. why would everybody...E - Emmanuel is what they called the Lord C - I don't even know this stuff

Gage (pledge, oath) - E - no, thank you C - no way, jose

Haley - E - no, that's a girl name C - duh, duhh, duhhhhh. Is there anything I can agree on?

Jackson - C - no. don't like it E - No. I just don't like it because it's the name of Jackson and I don't like him.

Josef - C - yeah, love it. yes, yes, yes. E - no, thank you. C - you don't like it? It's Joseph in the story. E - that is Joseph with "ph" C - I don't care. I like it.

Kayode (He brought peace) - C - my brother did not bring peace. and NO. E - sure

Kendrick - E - sure C - yeah

Lincoln E - no, not really. C - nah. that's a no.

Michael - E - not really. C - that's Liz's boyfriend. and if she gets married and you say "Michael, come here" and he will come and I'll say "why are you here? I was talking to my little brother, weirdo." So, no.

Reid - E - Not really. C - no, thank you. How many more left?

Rhys - E - that's a girl name. C - and that's our cousin's name. and at Christmas, I would say "Reese, come here" and he would come and say "yes" and I would say "I was calling the real Reese" and he would say "Oh, ok" - So, no.

Seavers - E - yeah, sure. C - yeah. that's a cool name. I like it.


  1. Hi-larry-az! Please continue to update the goingson of ANTC. I have to agree that Harper is a girl's name. Glad to see our boy's name isn't on your list else I'd have to arm wrastle Catherine and I think she'd win.


  2. No worries, Kayan. Kendall would let you have it. By the way, we totally want you guys to be super secret guest judges. Probably not so super secret since I just posted this but oh, well.

  3. But I want to see some wrastlin...

  4. oooo! I wanna! ...I mean, dood, whatever...*psstiwanna*


  5. Too funny! I love it. They are adorable.

  6. What a fun way to come up with the name! Strangely, I was telling a coworker today about a yahoo group I'm in, and I said "THEY NEED TO MAKE GOOGLE GROUPS! THAT WOULD BE SO SUPERIOR!" and lo and behold!

    That's AWESOME you're also in the Houston area and adopting from Rwanda, as well! Are yall using an agency? We haven't really begun because we started this independently and now are panic-stricken that this is not an option. After school picks up (I'm a teacher), I'll get back into the swing of things. By the way, we live in College Station but are from Montgomery County and plan to move back before we pick up our newest family member from Rwanda!

    The restaurant we went to is Andalucia downtown. The food wasn't exactly to die for, but we went to Andalucian Spain on our honeymoon, so I thought it was fun. Hubs said we'll never go back to that restaurant though. It also gets bad reviews on Yelp.

    Hmmm... this won't let me post from wordpress, so now you get to see my blocked page, instead. Email me at ling04 at gmail if you have any tips or advice for us just-getting-started folks! :)