Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Waiting Game
So, it has been quite a while since we posted here (this is my first post actually). Things have been crazy in our house. No relaxing in the sun for us this summer. Changes in job situations, a hard-hitting, sudden death of a loved one and way too much weekend travel have made June and July the most stressful months we've had in a while. For those of you who know us, you know how we like push ourselves to stress, but this has been a new record - and most of it NOT self-induced. So, it was a good thing that we had gotten almost all the paperwork done before all this hit. And we were actually DTR back on June 29 after a late night at Kinkos. For those that don't know, this is Dossier to Rwanda (I think). It is when all our paperwork reaches the adoption officials in Rwanda. It was hand-delivered to the Ministry on July 6. This is a huge relief but also the start of the real waiting.
Now it is out of our hands. We wait. For months. (we have friends who have been DTR for 10 or more months). Then, once it is our family's turn, the Ministry reviews our file and *hopefully* approves it and sends it to the orphanage. At that point, the nuns will pray and determine a child to refer to us for adoption. Until then - Waiting Game. So, unless we announce it here, via fb or email, we continue to patiently await the newsest little member of our family.

The Name Game
So while we wait, we have begun what is a tradition among our friends in Houston. ANT_. This group of friends has a gmail group (highly recommend you and your friends start one). There have been three babies born to this group in the last 4 years. All of them with names that came from the group (or at least names that the parents liked that the group also recommended). We do it reality tv competition style; thus the name.
Each week the members of the group (I think we have close to 20 members now) suggest a name. They make a separate gmail group so they can bash or jealously praise others entries without influencing the parents-to-be. Then the names are sent to the parents in the regular gmail group to be judged and found worthy (or not). One name is picked each week for an indeterminate number of weeks until we decide to have a bracketed playoff until we are down to the final name. And yes, that will be the baby's actual name.


I think I may have won the first "season." If I am wrong about that, or any of the rules outlined above, my wonderful friends will let me know swiftly with kindness and love.


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  1. HI,

    i found your blog on the yahoo board...and we share a common DTR (ours was July 20), so i thought i would introduce us...Gail and Scott from Canada...we have a little blog for the adoption, although it is sparse right now. it will mainly be for our travels there from this point on...anyway, there is a good chance we will meet there! When it all falls into place...that will be a good day! We'll keep you and your family in our hearts.