Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long time. No post.

It has been a while.  In the past month, we have completed and gathered all of our paperwork to compile our dossier, submitted our dossier for certification in Austin thanks to an awesome family (who are currently waiting on their precious little man), submitted additional information to the State Department, had our biometric fingerprints taken and found a fabulous Power of Attorney (POA) to represent our expanding family in Rwanda. 
At home, we are keeping our little one in our thoughts and prayers and just living day to day.  This process is not for the faint of heart.  I always knew it would be emotionally and mentally draining, but to be living through it is pretty raw.  I hope that others have blissfully calm experiences, but for us if the experience isn't hard, tough, draining; if we don't re-evaluate ourselves, our family, friends, motivations, dreams, hopes every ten minutes; and continually place trust, hope, faith in a higher power then it really isn't worth receiving all of our resources.  We are incredibly thankful that this is an endeavor worth undertaking.   

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